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Civil Law
The firms offers its services in wide-ranging areas of civil law, spanning many purely civil sectors, not least property, and leases, dealing with mediation, executive procedures in general and in particular those regarding real estate.
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Company Law and Generational Change
The firm advises its clients in the setting up of joint stock companies and partnerships, advising foreign companies opening branches in Italy, as well as on ordinary and extraordinary transactions and contracts, matters of litigation and making out-of-court settlements, including in dealings between shareholders and between shareholders and directors.
It has over time acquired particular expertise in claims for corporate liability towards or against company organs, and in the planning of corporate structure, including with respect to the management of generational changeover.
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Corporate crisis and insolvency
For over thirty years the firm's lawyers have been holding positions as bankruptcy trustees, judicial commissioners and official receivers, in which roles they have also carried out temporary administration of insolvent companies with a view to their assignment. The firm has and continues to assist corporations in crisis during the various stages, including debt restructuring, access to minor procedures, and both as corporate appointee lawyers and otherwise as lawyers acting for banks, in which area they have gained experience in managing particularly complex scenarios. The firm’s members are authors of numerous publications on the subject and are regular speakers at seminars and conferences, including at a series of meetings on the new code of corporate crisis and insolvency..
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Banking Law
The Firm has been serving this sector for sixty years and has served alongside Italian banking groups through the changes forced upon the banking world in the last thirty years due to the great developments in the banking and financial markets, and the substantial national and international regulatory reforms that have been seen in the sector.

The firm has been actively and personally engaged with its clients in the areas of Banking Transparency Law (Law 17/2/1994 n. 154), the reforms enshrined in the Consolidated Banking Act (D.Lgs. 1/9/1993 n. 385), the Usury Law (L. 7/3 / 1996 No. 108), the Consolidated Law on Financial Intermediation (D.Lgs. 24/2/1998 No. 58), the issues relating to disputes on credit (anatocism, commissions, usury), the insolvency proceedings sector, the world of extraordinary finance and international transactions in corporate finance, the expansion of private equity with the developments on the introduction of the single currency of the Euro and the new economy, the global crisis of 2007, and its repercussions on credit restructuring, and the question of non-performing loans and their impact on banking balance sheets. The team has followed all the major changes affecting the banking world, offering continuous outsourced assistance in the form of consulting to their internal offices, and supporting clients’ negotiations, assisting in the drafting of banking contracts, advising on technical defences in judicial and out-of-court disputes such as arbitration and mediation, as well as providing training and refresher courses for bank personnel.
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International Law and International Commerce
The firm has always offered its services in private international law, international commerce and in the management of all transnational legal questions. It has special competence in drawing up and revising contracts, particularly commercial distribution contracts (including agency, sales concessions and franchising), intellectual property, financing, transport and international sales, as well as all the associated actions required such as the preparation and drafting of guarantees. The firm also has the knowledge and expertise required for the interpretation and application of Conventions and harmonized legislation. Current services include the provision of advice and assistance to foreign clients who have to deal with Italian law, as well as to Italian clients having to operate outside domestic borders and deal with foreign counterparts, including those establishing various kinds of joint ventures with foreign partners.
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Transport Law and Logistics
The firm has gained much experience in the law on the transportation of goods and logistics, and has indeed set up a special department dealing exclusively with these matters. It serves clients with regard to their national and international liability as freight carriers, in addition to providing operators in the sector with advice and assistance in the drafting of logistics contracts and documents, which include the transport contract itself and the contracts that govern the various links in the supply chain, such as handling, storage and picking up. The firm advises clients in judicial and extrajudicial litigation, drawing on established expertise in national and international legislation on the transport of goods, including in relation to the newest forms of combined and multimodal transport. It also deals with the legal aspects of freighting insurance and related recourse actions. The firm’s lawyers in this department have featured in numerous publications on the subject, and are regular speakers at seminars and conferences, both in Italy and abroad, as well as lecturing and giving training courses for personnel working in the field of transport.
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Family Law, Succession and Minors
The firm has expertise in matters of family law and minors, including in international cases, particularly with regard to separation, divorce, domestic partnership agreements, civil unions and all related questions including the dissolution of communion of property in marriage, reimbursements and returns, and claims for compensation for damages for unlawful conduct during marriage or cohabitation. As regards parent-child relations and child custody, the firm advises on matters of paternal recognition of natural children, requests for maintenance, the rejection of paternity, questions of parental authority, parental alienation, international child abduction, and national and international adoption procedures. The firm also helps its clients in matters of personal rights, particular with regard to guardianship.
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Wine and Agribusiness Law
The firm has gained considerable expertise in advising wine companies and regularly assists major companies and consortia in this sector. The consultancy concerns both wine law, and specifically the protection in Italy and abroad of trademarks and designations of origin, and across the board assistance to the company in such matters as contract, corporate organisation and so forth for the wine sector.

The firm Studio Dindo, Zorzi & Associati also offers a wide range of services and legal advice in the field of food law, including in food safety, DOP and IGP protected origin status, the protection of trademarks and other industrial property rights, product labelling, contracts within the agro-food chain, hygiene, and the import and export of foodstuffs. The firm has a specialist team that is trained in and accustomed to providing its services in this branch of law, and also organises seminars and conferences on food law.
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Civil and Criminal Tax Law
The firm Studio Dindo, Zorzi & Associati, has in its organisation a team able to advise clients over a complete range of tax questions, offering companies and individuals not only consulting on general tax law but also full support and assistance in any pre-litigation stages in dealings with the Inland Revenue Offices, as well as in actual litigation before the Tax Tribunals.

The Firm also provides consultancy in the field of economic criminal law, having gained specific experience, competence and knowledge on the types of offences with which a corporation may be charged in relation to the carrying on of its business, including tax offences, as well as the crimes provided for in the corporate crisis and insolvency code.
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GDPR Data Protection
Studio Dindo, Zorzi & Associati, has a dedicated team that offers legal advice to its clients regarding any problems related to privacy and the correct processing of personal data, in the light also of EU Regulation n. 2016/679 (the so-called GDPR). The team carries its preliminary analysis of the client's position with regard to the processing of personal data, and then draws up or updates the documentation required by the new EU legislation, providing suitable training for the personnel where necessary.
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