• Diritto bancario

Banking law

Services in this sector include debt recovery and litigation assistance in cases of bank liabilities, while also including advice on issues of current relevance (compound interest, usury, overdrafts, APR, mortgage portability and renegotiation of relations, enforcement of sureties and guarantees, securities trading, central credit register, derivatives, swaps and bonds). For some years now the firm has acquired a particular understanding of new areas in banking, including corporate financing operations at both the national and international level (syndicated loans, loans for real-estate operations for industrial projects, structuring security packages, and assistance in syndications) also using cutting-edge negotiation instruments such as standbys, bid lines, escrow agreements, transfers of commercial and VAT credits, and factoring. The firm regularly provides assistance in cases of restructuring bank loans, partly through recourse, where applicable, to the most recent legal instruments that make it possible to overcome the business crisis.